Exciting Mobile News, Android and more!

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Exciting Mobile News, Android and more!

Post by BlompTeam » Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:50 pm

Hey Blompers-

Its been cold here, but never fear! We've been busy here @BlompHQ improving the service for our faithful Blompers.

Silicon Review Magazine Cover

Silicon Review has honored Blomp with the Cover Story to "10 Fastest Growing Storage Companies!" We're as excited about the fun, colorful cover as we are about the article. Thanks to the SR team for their work on putting together such a great feature about us.

Blomp_Silicon_Review_Magazine_Cover_0319_shareable.jpg (69.88 KiB) Viewed 6903 times
Blomp Software

You may know we have quite a few versions of Blomp software right now. We have the original, BlompGo that gives Windows users a Z: virtual drive directly to the Blomp Cloud. This makes it easy to just copy files, pictures, videos, movies from your desktop or laptop to the Blomp Cloud to have great peace-of-mind.

We just introduced BlompLive a few short weeks ago which works on Windows, Macintosh OSX, and Linux. BlompLive is all C++ which means its very, very fast, stable and "light" which means it doesn't take forever to install and doesn't slow your machine down while you're using it. BlompLive has a caching engine built-in to make browsing your Blomp account super fast... preview images, movies, you name it. We have a ton of features still planned to roll out over the coming weeks.

All Blomp software uses the latest encryption to keep your data secure over the Internet -- no matter where you choose to Blomp from!

BlompLive on Android

Even more exciting... we've released the first mobile version of BlompLive. First for Android! (Apple... we're looking at you!) This means that all of the same features you love on BlompLive for Windows, Mac OSX or Linux are available in the palm of your hand. Multi-select a bunch of photos you just took, push them to Blomp, and you know your memories are safe with the best, easiest storage choice available today! The app is smaller and faster than any app we could find. Tell us what you think of it.
Blomp App Early Access Android Store First Look.png
Blomp App Early Access Android Store First Look.png (138.51 KiB) Viewed 6903 times

You can learn a lot about your Blomp Team... including the fact that some of us don't sleep! :D

Apple iPhone/iPad users, don't lose heart... we'll have some exciting news for you soon!

It won't be cold forever. Get excited for Spring! Let us know how we can do better for you!

Blomp On!
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