Bugs, Questions, and the Site is Broken (BLOMP TEAM READ THIS)

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Bugs, Questions, and the Site is Broken (BLOMP TEAM READ THIS)

Post by caden2 » Sun Sep 05, 2021 5:43 pm

Hello, I have got a blomp paid account a few days ago, and would like to ask a few questions, and report a few bugs.

1. In this post you said "For sharing or downloading your files, generally the limit would be around the same as your storage, so if you have a 250 GB account, and you retrieve over 250 GB of bandwidth consistently, we may ask you to upgrade plans" but the prices under plans in the dashboard says "Unmetered Bandwidth" which one is true?

2. Are the paid plan prices going to go up when the beta is over? And if it did, would already paying users still pay the lower price?

3 Is there at rest encryption, and what encryption is used? (is a file upload to blomp Encrypted when sitting on the server?)

4. Where are the servers that upload files are hosted location? And who are the data centers owned by?

5. When will the ability to set up fa2 be added?

6. Are files stored with any type of raid level, or backup?

That's of all the questions. Also, here is some bugs.

1. When I click the FAQ & Support link in my main account I will not login, and quickly shows unidentified as the username. (the username of my main account is caden.)

2. When I share a file and go to that link (in a tab I'm not logged in on) I get taken to the signup page, and if I log in it just takes me to my dashboard, never downloading the shared file. (Also, I think an account should not be required for downloading a shared file)

3. Also today downloading files is now 100% broken, every file I try to download takes me to a 404 not found page. (see here.)

Things I would love to see added.

1. A Progress notification on mobile when uploading files
2. The ability to setup on FA2 by app.

I know I have asked, a lot and now I would like to mention the stuff I love about blomp.

- The fast upload/download speed
- The low price to storage volume
- The Mountable dive

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Re: Bugs, Questions, and the Site is Broken (BLOMP TEAM READ THIS)

Post by BlompSupport » Sun Dec 26, 2021 4:18 pm

Hey there fellow Blomper.

We would first like to thank you for taking the time and providing us your comments. We always love to see so many questions / comments all from one person simply because it shows you really have given Blomp a lot of thought (like we do around here every day). However, I ask for some time since I have to speak to a few people here such as programmers, sales, finance, etc. in order to grab all of your answers. As you know, its holiday time so some of our folks are currently enjoying some family time.
Please be patient with us as we gather all of your answers. Although I know most of the answers now, I still prefer to be 100% certain before replying to you.
Have an amazing day.

Merry Blomping!

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