BlompGo 2.4.0 Update

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BlompGo 2.4.0 Update

Post by BlompSupport » Wed Mar 13, 2024 12:12 pm

Dear Blompers,

We've listened to your feedback, and we're excited to announce some fantastic updates to BlompGo!

Enhanced Storage Flexibility and Accessibility | Add BlompGo as a Drive or a Folder

A little birdie told us many users were tired of finding BlompGo’s drive intermingled with other devices on your PC! Well, no more searching around! Our Blomp-errific developers have made it super accessible by letting you choose where you want to see your BlompGo device. Choose the folder or save it as a new drive of your choice, give it a crazy name --- enjoy the convenience of Blomping exactly where you want it.

Track Blomp Storage in Seconds

But that's not all, Blompers! Tracking your BlompGo storage just got a whole lot simpler. Relying on BlompGo as a drive? Now, effortlessly monitor your total and used storage right from the File Explorer. Stay organized and in the know!

Effortless Access via a Quick Double Tap on System Tray (Systray)

Our birdies (they hear a lot, don’t they?) have told us that reopening BlompGo was like mission impossible. Fear not! Our crafty developers have waved their digital wands. Now all you need to do is double tap the Blomp icon in the systray to open and find BlompGo.

Stay Updated with Version Identification

Our tireless BlompGo developers burn the midnight oil to serve up fresh updates and features. But hey, we get it, version chaos can be a bit of a whirlwind. Now, on the login window, you'll spot the version of BlompGo you're rocking, so you can jump ship as soon as the new version drops.

(Hint, it’ll tell you if you aren’t running the latest, but maybe you need reminders?)
- Blomp support

Check out our video! Trust me, you're going to blomping love it.

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