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IPv6 Support Rolling Out...

Posted: Tue May 04, 2021 4:20 pm
by BlompTeam
Exciting news for the Blompers that happen to be Internet wonks too! (where your WebUI is) supports IPv6 now. We will be rolling out IPv6 to all of the infrastructure soon, but we want to be sure performance and other things are good for everyone. If your machine supports it, it will automatically start using IPv6 (Windows machines, many mobile devices and others) -- please let us know if you have any hiccups!

IPv6 is dubbed the next generation of Internet addresses. IPv4, the older system, has mostly run out of addresses and the expectation is that IPv6 has no limit in sight. We're doing our part to increase adoption and data flows on the IPv6 portion of the Internet.

If you don't support IPv6, you shouldn't notice any changes.

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