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How to Connect to Blomp using SwiftStack Client

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 10:20 pm
by BlompSupport
Hello Blompers!

Some of you have been asking about connecting to your Blomp storage space via OpenSwift and other third party software. At the moment, the only tested working third party client is OpenSwift Client. Other clients may work, but we cannot assure that. We are working towards compatibility with the most popular options. Left click the screenshots below to make them larger for viewing!

To connect to your Blomp storage space via OpenSwift Client:

1. Visit the OpenSwift Client download page and get the software for your platform.

2. Install OpenSwift Client.

3. Run OpenSwift Client, select the "Add account" button:
add account.png

4. Fill in the following connection information:
Auth Type: V2
Username: [your blomp email]
Password: [your blomp password]
Auth URL:
Project name: storage
Container: [your blomp email]

Congrats! Now you can use your Blomp storage from OpenStack Client!