FAQ for BLOMP (updated constantly)

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FAQ for BLOMP (updated constantly)

Post by BlompTeam » Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:08 am

Thank you for joining us on Blomp's Beta! :D Last edited 03/14/2019

:?: What is Blomp?

Blomp was created to answer the question, "Where do you store your most important photos, videos and files?" We looked around and didn't like what we saw. Blomp is built from the ground up to be friendly, easy and transparent. We don't market other services to you, scan your emails or sell your information. Period.

We know you'll love and trust Blomp with everything you want safe, secure, permanent access to.

We will never sell your information, mine your information or in any way take advantage of your confidence. :!:

:?: Why so much space?

Today everyone needs more storage than they ever thought. Photos, Video, 4K/6K/8K HD, and probably many things we haven't even thought of. We can't get enough of the stuff ourselves!

:?: How is the service so fast?

Well, we don't know for sure... but it could be the little critters in the servers running really fast! Just kidding. We are pretty sure other guys slow their services down to force you to buy expensive or unnecessary upgrades. That's not how we do it. Run as fast as you want, use whatever software you want. Rock out!

:?: What software is available to use Blomp?

Blomp has two free software suites that we fully support and update for you. Blomp Live and Blomp Go. Blomp Live is currently available for Windows, Android, Mac and Linux with IOS support in a few weeks. Blomp Go is a virtual drive service and is available in the GUI for Windows. But that's not the best part!

Blomp doesn't require you to use our cloud storage software -- even though we think its fast, secure, and easy to use. You can use any compatible software you'd like! Since Blomp uses a state of the art object storage system, you can use software written for OpenStack, S3 or others. We fully support Veritas, rclone Cyberduck, Duplicati, Dropshare, Expandrive, CloudMounter, StackSync, Apache Spark, and many other popular free and open source packages! There are a ton of tutorials out there for IBM's Bluemix, OVH, memset, Rackspace Cloud Files, NetApp, QuantaStor, Fujitsu, Nexenta,

:?: 20GB free is great, how do I get more?

You can get more many different ways -- inviting your friends and family. For each active invited user, you get an additional 20GB of storage, all the way up to 200GB.

If that isn't good enough, you can always pay a small fee to upgrade to one of our paid plans starting at $0.99 and up to 10TB of storage accessible on all of your devices! 8-)

:?: What's the fine print?

As a free user, you need to login to the https://dashboard.blomp.com dashboard or the https://support.blomp.comsupport area monthly to keep your account. If you don't stay active, we will send you some reminders. Your files (up to 200GB with friend referrals) will not be deleted as long as you keep your account in good standing (means active monthly).

As a paid user, you don't need to login monthly and you get more storage without having to invite your friends.

:?: What if I need help?

Great question! If we've done our job right, everything should just make sense. But if there is something that can be improved, or clarified or just gets stuck, please post a message on https://support.blomp.com. The reason we do it all publicly is to improve the experience for other Blompers who may have the same question. When you signed up, a support account was automatically created for you.

:?: I love you guys, but I need to cancel.

No problem, there are contracts, no commitments. If you cancel your paid account, you automatically downgrade to a free account.

If you don't keep your free account active, it will automatically go away after a few reminders.

Or you can select "cancel" in https://dashboard.blomp.com.