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Do not buy additional storage! Blomp ripped me off! Did not receive any additional storage with payment, I was SCAMMED!

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2021 12:24 pm
by frplockone
I just paid and I got nothing for it, they simply took my money and never even sent a receipt, they took the money under the name Aug 13, 2021 PAYPAL *AINETCO _V 46.84

It has been confirmed this is them and it is the amount of $35.88USD -- 1 YEAR 2T plan

I have been ripped off by Blomp, Hello? you charged my bank card as a paypal transaction

Aug 13, 2021 PAYPAL *AINETCO _V 46.84 I did not receive the 2TB service I paid for. I have been cheated, they stole my money and now if you don't resolve this I will open a dispute with paypal and my financial instituition. I will tell them you stole money from me and never provided the service.

Hello I got ripped off here!!!!
I did not get any additional storage, they are thieves and this is a scam website. I do not trust my data here when I'm getting cheated out of my money!!!