cant i upload MKVs?

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cant i upload MKVs?

Post by ivoyko » Sat Jul 10, 2021 5:18 pm

Im new so i dont know if someone did this question or this is the right place but i did upload a mkv and now its a folder lmao... what happened?

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Re: cant i upload MKVs?

Post by debian » Sat Jul 10, 2021 6:58 pm

Have upoloaded hunderds of mkv's, not a single issue.

What you are probably talking about is uploading over dashboard, where your files get segmented, make a screenshot in your dashboard and all files which were not successfully uploaded appear as folder in which you have segments folder, there inside are segments of your file, if all of them were successfully uploaded but manifest creation failed, then you simply can create manifest manually, if you are unsure, delete those mkv's which appear as folder, then reupload files in question.

Here support fails again to describe their own product and its capabilities, in general, you can have dynamic and static large files, in case of uploading via dashboard it uses dynamic large objects.
Static large objects
The manifest object content is an ordered list of the names of the segment objects in JSON format. See Static large objects.

Dynamic large objects
The manifest object has no content but it has a X-Object-Manifest metadata header. The value of this header is CONTAINER/PREFIX, where CONTAINER is the name of the container where the segment objects are stored, and PREFIX is a string that all segment objects have in common. See Dynamic large objects.
I can confirm that large static object work too with blomp, I use it. Check comparisson from link above, I will quote only first:

End-to-end integrity, static large object:
Assured. The list of segments includes the MD5 checksum (ETag) of each segment. You cannot upload the manifest object if the ETag in the list differs from the uploaded segment object. If a segment is somehow lost, an attempt to download the manifest object results in an error.
End-to-end integrity, dynamic large object:
Not guaranteed. The eventual consistency model means that although you have uploaded a segment object, it might not appear in the container listing until later. If you download the manifest before it appears in the container, it does not form part of the content returned in response to a GET request.
Hope it helps

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