Interface Requests

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Interface Requests

Post by digmodification » Sun Nov 21, 2021 1:49 pm

Hi, I subscribe to the 2tb plan and was wondering if there are any plans to improve the user interface?
The Long:
My files regularly upload to the wrong areas in the my files dashboard and there is no way to easily drag and drop them to where I want them to go. I have to copy the file and paste it to the area, but it rarely works right. It's a bit frustrating and I've just resorted to having a cluttered main screen now.
I'd also like to request the ability to share folders, like in google drive, where there is one link to the folder but there is access to the files within that folder.

The short:
Request 1: drag and drop file movement
Request 2: Shareable link to access folders and their contents

Are these at all possible? Thanks!

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