Hi. Anybody there? Is Blomp being maintained?

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Hi. Anybody there? Is Blomp being maintained?

Post by gayle » Sat Sep 11, 2021 7:02 am

I noticed that Blomp team has not been responding to recent support inquiries, but has been actively posting articles about how cloud storage is the future and stuff like that. To be brutally honest, Blomp is nowhere near to being a satisfactory cloud storage up until now. Blomp has been around for quite some time but the issues have not been ironed out. I was fine with it being a barebones cloud storage service, considering the generous free space and referral program they offer, as long as it is consistently working and continuously being developed.

The last time I used Blomp, I was happy to learn that there was improvement in the speed, and that bulk download and share features were added. However, in my experience:

- The speed was indeed faster but there were missing bytes in my finished downloads so I know for sure that the files were incomplete and I have to re-download them. Waste of time.
- Bulk download did not work for me. I never received an email.
- Share feature worked only once.

The desktop and mobile apps are not so promising either.

Anyway, I need to access my files but the site is currently giving me 500 server error whenever I try to login. Please fix the bugs, especially recurring ones.

Thank you.

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