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Three Reasons Cloud Storage Is (Still) Underappreciated

Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2021 9:30 am
by BlompTeam
Cloud storage has been the go-to way to store your files, photos, music, and pretty much every little digital knickknack you can think of for some time now. In our personal and professional lives, cloud storage services like Blomp are easily the simplest, most efficient, and safest way to keep your digital stuff safe. Plus, they are just so darn convenient.

Over the last year or so, cloud storage and cloud computing generally has become even more important (hard to imagine, we know). As companies across the globe moved to more flexible, remote working arrangements in response to the pandemic, and teams (and families) became more dispersed, being able to store and access things online became a necessity. Collaborating across continents, sharing photos with your family, or just saving documents somewhere when your laptop hard drive ran out of space, we are all living in a world dominated by cloud storage now.

And yet…
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